Associação de Desenvolvimento do Concelho de Pampilhosa da Serra

ENTRE-SERRAS is a non-governmental organisation. It has the head office in Fajão, a small village in a mountainous rural area that belongs to the municipality of Pampilhosa da Serra, district of Coimbra - Portugal.
As a non-profit association it seeks to promote the development of Pampilhosa da Serra’s region. This target is pursued through an holistic approach that involves work in different fields.
The efforts to foster a culture of partnership in Education lead to a narrow cooperation between ENTRE-SERRAS and the local public authority for Basic Adult Education – Extensão Educativa de Pampilhosa da Serra.
Since its inception, ENTRE-SERRAS, has launched a series of initiatives that aims to promote the development of Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning. A special attention is given to non-formal and informal education.
The project “Singing the Janeiras – Learning in non-formal context” was awarded in a good-practice national context and was recognised as one of the twenty five best practices, regarding basic skills and key competence, by the European Civil Society NGO Platform on future Objectives of Education and Training systems in Europe (www.eucis.net).
ENTRE-SERRAS is a member of EAEA, European Association for the Education of Adults.

 João Pedro Costa
 Ana Isabel Fernandes
 Vitor Pereira
 Lucília Simão
 Augusto Almeida

 ENTRE-SERRAS, Associação de Desenvolvimento do Concelho de Pampilhosa da Serra
 P - 3320-080 FAJÃO

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